Products That Last A Lifetime

MEC Systems provides non-corrosive cabinetry and products that are built to last a lifetime.

MEC is partnered with a national polymer manufacturer and a national fabricator, allowing us to design and build any size project as well as ship from coast to coast.

MEC’s first cabinet installation was in a busy sterilization area for a major Minneapolis healthcare system. That project was installed in 2006 and after years of rigorous disinfecting, the cabinets still look like new. There has not been any breakdown of any kind or adjustments needed, according to the client. We are proud of that reputation but more proud of offering our clients a quality product that will last a lifetime.

MEC Systems cabinets are uniquely designed using the MEC Panel which is a solid polymer sheet that provides the durability characteristics to hold up under the toughest of conditions. Delamination can’t happen because the MEC Panel is a solid, monolithic material.

MEC also offers non-corrosive custom medical carts and non-corrosive indoor/outdoor furniture for healthcare. The carts are designed specifically with the end user in mind. Our indoor/outdoor furniture is made out of Andure® that has similar non-corrosive and durability properties as the MEC Panel.

MEC’s most recent addition to its product line are MR Safe carts and other products that can be used and left in the MRI suite. Our MR Safe products can be custom manufactured to spec. Of note are our MR Safe carts, which are now available.

From healthcare to labs; from clinics to food service, MEC provides quality solutions.