MRI Safe Carts

MEC Systems’ MR Safe Carts are MRI Suite Safe!

MEC MR Safe Carts have been extensively tested and are proven to be non-magnetic. All materials used in the fabrication of our MR Safe Carts are non-magnetic, making MEC Carts 100% MR Safe! The carts are equipped with heavy duty swivel casters that have an ergonomic dual wheel design. MEC MR Safe Carts and Products will not alarm Ferromagnetic Detection Systems and have many additional benefits.

Not only are the carts MR Safe, they are extremely durable and moisture proof. These MR Safe Carts hold up to continuous cleaning and disinfecting, even with straight bleach!

MEC System’s MR Safe Product Line meets USFDA standards and fully complies with ASTM F2503 criteria for MR Safe designation.

The MEC Cart at right was designed to be the same height as the MRI for easy lifting of the breast coil.

MEC Systems’ MR Safe Carts and other MR Safe Products are designed with features that address issues such as suite safety, infection control and ease of operation so that valuable time is not spent taking carts in and out of the room.

Immediate access to coils and supplies improves efficiency in the MRI Suite.

MEC MR Safe carts CAN REMAIN in the room during procedures because MEC MR Safe Carts are exactly that – MR Safe!

MR Safe Products by MEC Systems …

  • Phantom Carts
  • Coil Carts
  • Linen Carts
  • MRI Suite Chairs
  • Storage Units/Shelving
  • MRI Suite Tables

Choose from stock items or custom made to order.

Cart shown with cut out handle that provides for easy movement and handling of cart with NON-MAGNETIC PARTS.

Questions about MR Safe carts or other MR Safe products? Contact us today!