Custom Medical Carts For MRI Suites

Custom Medical Carts For MRI Suites

MRI suites have a unique requirement. No metal that could be attracted to the magnetic force created by the machine.

This is relatively easily solved for many smaller items, and for cabinets and countertops. Rollable medical carts are helpful in medical exam rooms. MRI suites are no different.

Rollable Custom MRI Safe Medical Carts

A rollable cart provides value for use any a variety of medical situations, including in an MRI lab where time is typically of essence.

Patients uncomfortable in tight spaces may be anxious waiting for an MRI exam. Making the process as smooth and quick as possible is a main goal and a rollable medical cart helps achieve it.

Non-Metal, Heavy-Duty Casters Key

The key to our custom rollable, MRI safe medical cart are the casters. Without using metal, our casters provide the same functionality as heavier metal casters.

This dual-caster design allows for heavier items, helps the cart roll more smoothly and remain quiet.

Ease-Of-Use Differentiates Our Custom MRI Carts

That ease of use differentiates our custom MRI safe medical carts. We have taken time in product development and testing to ensure we provide high quality, MRI safe medical cabinets to our customers.

Our custom MRI safe medical carts are among the medical grade, non-corrosive cabinets and countertops we provide for non-MRI settings.