Heavy Duty Casters Key To MRI Safe Cart

Heavy Duty Casters Key To MRI Safe Cart

What makes a medical cart safe for use with MRI machines is that they don’t contain metal, as the MRI machine uses intense magnetic waves in its process.

The waves attract metal in the way imagined, with increasing force the closer the object. The object can hit a person on its way to the MRI Machine, or can shift and move metal items inside a person such as a pin left in a bone, or an embedded medical device with metal.

The former problem can be readily solved by ensuring there is no metal in the same room as the machine. That may seem simple, but for an “>MRI safe medical cart there is one hindrance … caster wheels.

Cabinets, Shelves More Easily Solved Than Medical Carts

Quality, impervious medical cabinets and lab spaces are readily available for hospital and clinics, but finding similar equipment for movable items such as chairs and medical carts may be more difficult.

The main reason is the casters, or the wheels on the movable cart. They snap in place, allowing them to spin and move in any direction.

The dual-wheel casters provide stability for the cart, but finding that strength and uniformity without metal has been the challenge.

Dual-Wheel Casters Create MRI Safe Cart

It is the non-metal casters that allowed creating an affordable, MRI-safe medical cart.

Carts can be used to handle needed equipment, to store items from the patient and offer a quick, handy solution to move multiple objects at once.

Carts Are Same Non-Porous Material In Lab Counters

Adding to the safety, the carts are made from the same, non-porous material as used in our medical cabinets and lab countertops.

Impervious to liquid, the medical carts are easily cleaned to ensure no infectious material or other fluids are absorbed.

To learn more about our MRI safe medical carts call 888-642-4412 or you can contact us online. MEC System also manufactures professional grade, non-corrosive medical cabinets.