Safe Equipment For Use In MRI Suites

Safe Equipment For Use In MRI Suites

MRI suites require careful use of equipment. Metal isn’t allowed, so many traditional medical carts, tables and chairs can’t be used.

That can lead to clunky chairs, tables and especially medical carts, which are needed in MRI suites.

MEC Systems MRI safe medical carts are an ideal solution for the problem of inefficient and sometimes clumsy medical carts.

MEC’s MRI safe medical carts are constructed with non-metal, dual-wheel swivel casters, the same wheel design used in traditional medical suites.

This gives our medical carts the ease of movement and strength desired in a medical cart all while being safe for use in an MRI suite.

If you are interested in learning more about our medical carts reach out by email or contact us online. MEC System also manufactures professional grade, non-corrosive medical cabinets.