Medical Carts For MRI Suites

Medical Carts For MRI Suites

Not all medical carts are safe for use in MRI suites, with risk coming from metal parts and components as part of the cart.

Medical industry focus has been on ensuring implanted medical devices are MRI safe as well as medical instruments such as blood pressure cuffs.

MEC Systems creates medical carts specifically for use in MRI suites. Our MRI safe carts are made only with non-magnetic parts. Even with that feature, our carts have an ergonomic dual-wheel design using swivel casters.

This makes the care ideal for medical use in an MRI suite. The cart can store medical equipment used during MRI procedures and can be easily moved to the patients as needed.

The ease of use and confidence of safety make MEC System MRI safe carts the best choice for a storage carts for positioners, immobilizers, straps and any diagnostic equipment specific to the MRI suite.

In addition to MRI safe carts, MEC Systems builds custom engineered medical cabinetry impervious to water and chemicals for use in laboratory and medical environments.